Fuck off
Go to your belonged house
Go home you fucking homo.
by J June 20, 2005
1. Used to inform someone of their inability to handle the current situation.
2. To refrain from speech.
3. To get the hell out.
You're going fail the test David, go home.
by redelixir March 09, 2003
1. Get away
2. dnt talk 2 mee
person 1:will u go out wit me
person 2:NO! go home
by Phillllip July 12, 2003
when you hafta poop.
Dude i gotta go home.
#home #bathroom #guy #poop #toilet
by tTL productions November 04, 2008
something someone says when the have left something for you on myspace (picture comment, message, comment, etc.). hit the home button and check it out.
i just left you a comment on myspace, Go Home!
#myspace #comments #internet #blog #go home
by Vee Hilton May 02, 2007
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