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An authentic phrase, straight from the weight room of Tumwater High School, located in TumH2o, T-Town, or Tumwater, Washington. It's my belief that the first use of this phrase was during the powerlift of an illiterate redneck. He seemed to have overheard someone say the word burly in reference to strength. The redneck was intrigued. So at the hardest point during his lift he yelled "Go Burls!!!!!!", Not being able to fully annunciate the 'Y' in burly due to the tobacco in his lip, he immediatley replaced it with an 'S', he single handedly started the "go burls" generation. Many people have gone burls since, and everyone continues to, it has become the slogan of many a Tumwater sports team.
Kelly- Hey man, what are you doing?

Drew- Getting ready to go burls.
Chris- Sup dude? Did you get your max bench up?

Austin- Let's just say I went burls.
by Vanilla Bitch August 30, 2006
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To go all out, expecialy when driving a large, ford truck or lifting weights. Stems from the phrase : "go burls or go home!"
"Go burls you mother fucker!"

"My dick went burls on her ass"
by Catalin May 07, 2006
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--To give your all or to go "all out". Typically used in a large sporting event or when lifting weights.
"Dude! That running back just went burls!"

*a large bench press* "Come on (blank) go burls!"
by Ghoti Scarpelli July 24, 2006
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