Abbreviation for "God's Not Real"
Person 1- Did you hear cheater's is fake?
Person 2- gnr.
by August Big Penis June 29, 2010
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Attention all black people we No longer say "lol" that's for white people now...we say "gnr" (gotta nigga rolling), pass it on.
by AlphaBarbiee June 17, 2009
got a nigga rollin'
text 1: bro, i was walking across campus and this girl got hit by another girl on a bike. you shoulda been there!

text 2: damn, man gnr

or: the black version of lol
by bu-cdc June 17, 2009
The Black Way Of saying LOL It stands for Gotta Nigga Rollin females could use it as Gbr for Gotta Bitch Rollin
Young JUZ: I take some credit for Gnr because i thought of it in the shower

All THe Other Black PPl: GNR!!! nigga you didnt make shit!!!

(Books Thrown At Me)
by youngjuz03 June 27, 2009
Genetics, Nanotech, Robotics - three overlapping technologies that will undergo a revolution and spell the ultimate empowerment or demise of humans.

It is an acronym commonly used in discussions about transhumanism.
GNR will allow us to conquer disease and aging. It can also run amok and bring on the robot apocalypse.

Advances in GNR will turn us into gods. Or dinosaurs.
by tagadagat2 January 08, 2013
Gotta Nigga Rollin'

Synonym to LOL
Texting a friend

Friend 1: Dezel fell down the stairs when he was trying to holla at JaKayla

Friend 2: G.N.R.
by LongLegged July 20, 2009
Usually people use the words "laugh out loud" (lol) in their conversations. Well, that is for white people now. The new word everyone is using now is "gotta nigga rollin" (GNR) Usually, African Americans use this term but, so do some white people. The ones that are not racist.
Susie:Did you see the comedy movie lastnight?
Steve:GNR yeah that was hilarious!
Susie:GNR yo!
by batanddscbisfuqqinawesome July 24, 2009
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