A gnoron is a person of decent intelligence who, because of their own willful ignorance, is no more competent at dealing of the world than a moron. A moron cannot help their lack of intelligence; a gnoron, by contrast, is responsible for their own state.
I thought I had read the dumbest anti-vaccination arguments out there, but someone managed to hit a new low: they asked how we knew that the protective effect of vaccines didn't just come from the placebo effect! It takes a real gnoron to come up with a theory that cockamamie.
by Antaeus Feldspar January 22, 2011
"A "gnoron" is like a moron, except that where a moron is lacking in intelligence (something they cannot help, of course) a gnoron is someone of decent intelligence whose own willful ignorance has brought them to an equivalent state of incompetence." - Antaeus Feldspar
"That chiropractor asserts that vaccines contain antifreeze, based upon his extensive research into vaccines."

- ORLY? Gnoron.
by reasonablehank January 23, 2011

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