Gnoming is essentially like planking and owling, completely pointless and stupid where someone sits in a person's garden in random positions much like a garden gnome.
Hey, let's go gnoming in that guy's garden!
by AlphaShadow92 July 31, 2011
the act of going around town, stealing as many lawn ornaments as possible to later be stacked on a friends lawn. the reward is in the morning when the victim looks outside to see the cast of Shrek and Bambi on his front lawn.
(Tysen) Pepper is being a lil bitch and wont hang out tonight.

(Tony) dude, lets go gnome his house......hes a little bitch..........and by little, of course i mean fat.

by tbag22 June 16, 2007
Verb - The act of setting up post, or opposite of "roaming".
"hey whats up you've been standing here the whole party"

"yeah, im just gnoming tonight"
by BlakePat March 15, 2013
The act of receiving a blow job, and upon climax, ejaculating on her chin to resemble a beard. Then you proceed to violently fuck her ass hole with a pointy headed garden gnome.
"Hey Jake, what did you do last night??"

"Nothing much....oh but i did a little gnoming with shirly for a little while!"

"That's cool man! But not for long? How come?"

"Well she likes getting the beard, but she doesn't like getting fucked in the ass very much"
by House J.R. March 15, 2010
the vandalistic act of robbin' a gnome from someones garden - take pictures of you sexin them...then post the pictures through the owners' letter box
dave started gnoming sally's mom
by reggy A January 06, 2008
masterbation with lawn gnomes
me and my friends got wasted and went gnoming
by pete@petesfat@bl March 12, 2005

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