a small, strange looking animal that appears to be a cross between a shark, a seal, a shrimp, a small dog, a bug, a donkey, and a rabbit. it is extremely attracted to cheese. (aka, my dog)
look at that gnomie! it's kinda cute!
here, gnomie!
by Satinka January 22, 2008
Top Definition
A person that is like a good friend but is short. Sometimes wears a sweatshirt that has a pointy hood.
"What's up my gnomie?!
by Spartan14 March 27, 2009
Typically a gnomie can be found chilling with his other gnomies. Can also be found stealing rocks from yards, passed out on a bathroom floor, tipping taxi drivers $1 on a $20 ride, etc. A gnomie will NOT be found in Portland.
Q: What are you doing tonight?
A: Going to chill with my gnomie (s).

by Chuzzler April 15, 2009
a bffl that you met like three days prior to the establishment of gnomie-hood.
yo nigguh we gnomies already we met at the party last week
by nigguhs and gnomies for real July 04, 2009

1. A lawn gnome wearing excessive bling.

2. An African-American lawn gnome.
American rap artist T-Pain is said to have multiple gnomies in his lawn.
by Ladderwalker86 February 03, 2009
Any girl who is very short
And likes calling people poopoo's as a swear
Gnomie, "Hey your a poopoo"
by MwahahahaahahahahaEM August 18, 2011

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