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A handy and inconspicuous method of concealing contraband beverages (in particular, goon sunrise) whilst entering music festivals.

In order to construct a gnomepeedo, one must first obtain

1 x Garden Gnome with a suitable interior volume and a round hole in the base.
1 x Bath Plug, diameter matching gnomes hole.
Silicon sealant.

Liquor is poured inside an inverted Garden gnome that is then sealed with a bath plug and silicon.

To consume said beverage, one must crack off the head of the gnome, insert a straw and rapidly consume (in a manner similar to the strawpedo)
Stu : "Hey J-Banga, How do we get alcohol into Falls?"

Jynna : "I dunno Buck'n'Suck, How about a gnomepeedo again?"
by pacific brands August 17, 2012