The opposite of a troll in an online community. While a troll looks for attention and chaos, gnomes work quietly in the background fixing things. They usually frequent forums or wikis, organizing information and fixing errors.
1. I changed Sarah Jessica Parker's picture on wikipedia to a horse, but some gnome fixed it before I could show anyone.

2. I never know where to post new topics, I just stick them somewhere random and the gnomes come and put them where they belong.
by Gnominus March 28, 2013
evil vice principal... looks like a gnome, walks like a gnome... i guess its a gnome... wears blue suits and a red tie to make up for the pointy red hat he can not wear during school hours... short, fat, crew cut, funny nose... evil. in all, summed up, pure. evil...
"Lawn gnome... doo DOO doo doo DOO doo.... youre life is.. and exctiing adventure... lawn gnooome...."
by is toby December 11, 2004
pronounced nome

a little elf that will try to kill you or take over the world, and they are tricky little shits too
mom the damn gnomes are after me
by The prince of darkness April 24, 2005
I am a Gnome,

Gnomes are known for their heavy use of pot.

They also steal your lawn ornaments.

They love to be random, so eat them, than get high.
Joe Choe is a real Gnome, he owns you! Smoke a blunt and think of me!
by ChoeJoe June 29, 2004
a man in tights who loves plays who is a ex member of zz top and dances like hobos has a weenie pouch in his hat who goes around telling little kids hobo's cant afford cable and saying hes superman stealing their clothes and uses it as a cape hen honk at people like he is a moose then smacks rthere bootyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy/shit hole a common item they ware is a llama dick on their fore head yet they are awesome little vienna sausages
"mommy im sad"said chuck norris
" why chuckypoooi"his gramma/lover replied
"that gnome just told me you cant aford cable"chuck norris said
"well duh im a hobo from hobo1can oh darling your sexy naked"grammy said
Duh grammma he took my clothes and did what you do after you get a inner butt masage 'im superman' and take my clothes"said chucky
"well i love your dick"said a store keeper
"well he took my chuck norris pajamas"waa he said
"i hate gnomes"they all said including you
by lilkitty July 10, 2008
I WM for linux, imho i think it is the best, because of its scalability, usefullity, very nice, and good. So I highly recommend Linux users to run Gnome as their primary WM.
-Which wordWMword do you run?
-I run Gnome!
by Hocce July 22, 2003
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