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Condition of the elbow -the knobby protrusion in the middle of one's arm that separates the forearm from the upper arm and allows the arm to bend this way and that- in which there is a build-up of lactic acid, creating a significant amount of pain in the joint; from elevating at a certain degree in space for an extended period of time in order to paint a gnome made out of pottery. There has been an increase of patients being seen by doctors who have "gnome elbow" coming mostly from city areas in so-called "Art Districts". It is treated with rest of the elbow on a memory foam pillow and restricted movement for one week. It is recommended during this time to not paint any more gnomes.
Two friends, plus my two-year old son and I, were strolling in a certain unnamed city in South-Central PA. We were asked by a guy handing out flyers if we liked "Live" music, to which my friend replied, "NO". There was a pause and he said, "Just kidding". He confused the guy, but we all had a laugh. None of us mentioned any elbow pain at this point. We continued to "The _____ Street Cafe" where we enjoyed coffee treats and bagels. We each had a different flavor of bagel and topping. No reports of elbow pain here. We continued to the pottery place and painted gnomes and left the store. After that, everyone's elbows hurt, except for my son's. We figured he was the only one that did not paint a gnome, so that was the culprit! It was hard to push open the door. One of us said, "I've got gnome elbow!" We quickly forgot our pain when we saw this unusual dog that was black with white with black spots. The end.
by a-gnome-ymous August 01, 2010

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