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adj. (nar tast ick)
1. The words gnarly and fantastic combined, explaining something that is worthy of being called both gnarly and fantastic, but better than both; 2. Extremely Awesome; 3. Rad/Radical/Radtastic; 4. Insane; 5. super duper etc...
antonyms: dumb, lame, stupid, weak
1. Dude that was the most gnar-tastic trick I have ever seen.
2. Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen are some pretty gnar-tastic skaters.
by Shawn B August 22, 2006
Gnarly mixed with fantastic..
Dude, that was gnartastic
by Ethan the MC June 12, 2006
a bail while skating, surfing, blading, biking etc. but while it is very gnarly it looks fantastic at the same time
"dude did you see Zack's gnartastic bail yesterday?"
by The Zack Dahlia Murder February 10, 2010