While you're flying your F-18, destroying bitches in the air and deploying your ordinance to the ground.
Charlie Sheen doesn't take shit. He'll show you his gnarlyisms.
by Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn March 01, 2011
A word brought into this terrestrial realm by Charlie Sheen, and used primarily by Gnarly Gnarlingtons.
I was banging 7-gram rocks and finishing them because that's how I roll... It was just pure and complete gnarlyisms.
by pureglaucoma April 28, 2011
Anything that Charlie Sheen does. This includes: Winning, being an F-18, bangin' 7 gram rocks, bi-winning, curing addiction with his brain, and effortlessly and magically converting tin cans into pure gold.
Pure and complete gnarlyisms.
by DaKineFranchise February 28, 2011

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