Very unpleasant.

Something that inspires awe or amazement.
"That lightning storm last night was GNARLY!"

"Aww, dude, Gnarly! That chick just puked on my car!"

"WOAH! That ish was GNARLY!"
by ~*NFKNBLVBL*~ April 14, 2006
excellent, wonderful (teenagers)
That ride is totally gnarly.
by Light Joker July 02, 2005
A protruding knot on a tree.
holy shit man, that wave has some gnarly trees in it.
by dedoublya February 02, 2003
either really good or really bad. Snowboarding Lingo. Lame to use if you are really serious but hilarious to joke with. Aka: gnar, gnarbuckets
Bad - Dudeman, that line looks pretty gnarly

Good - Gnarly Trick Dog
by Stevie-G January 08, 2004
Something that is twisted and deformed. That is extreamly out of charactor, to be extreamly non-conforming. Often used among skaters or surfers. can be good or bad
Dude bam margera is the gnarliest mother fucker alive! He is soooooo cool doing all that jackass shit! Man he has balls! He's soooooo fucking hott id tap that twice! That's why I named my dog after him dude my dog is gnarly as shit eating his own shit man that takes balls! He is wicked retarted!
by gretchen hardcock September 05, 2008
really ended a fillion years ago.
then the hippie's started using it.
and hey, look it.
i'm using it now too.
"that's gnarly, mon"
by sara March 13, 2005
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