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1. verb. pulling the ceremonial raptor claw, supressed face, and yell; in relation to pre- party

2. noun. the general worry- less lifestyle some vegas boys exemplify each and every day.

3. in relation to (!)
This is Ton's of Fun throwing up the gnak gnak to Fried Rice for repping.
by Lil' Sandro January 18, 2007
The ceremonial raptor claw of the Las Vegas area showing a carefree feeling and disregard for others judgement.
When one is overcome with an undescribable emotion they shout out gnak gnak!
by Erk Danjah January 30, 2007
An expression you use when you are high (or on some occasions it has been done sober when a person gains a burst of energy and does not what to do with it). Usually it resembles an imitation of a raptor while saying the proverbial "gnack gnack". It can be spelt either gnack gnack or gnak gnak.
At the party, Buttons put his hands up like claws, looked around the room, and said "gnak gnak".
by E.Fed January 30, 2007

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