Would look good naked (but does not look good how she is currently dressed)
Another response to "Wuhi" or She should be G.N.
by Henry & Cuz June 18, 2005
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"Good Night"
"Game Name" (on Battle Net channel, the name of costum game)
It's getting late, GN !
noob1: I will pown u!
noob2: lets see, i create game, GN:noobgame

by Maxim_DK October 16, 2004
to goodnight, to sleep, to nap at 3 in the afternoon after school.
My friend Tim hates it when Matt GN's after school for three hours at a time, especially when he returns with a tiring hello.
by caineo April 26, 2012
An acronym for "graphic novel". A sort of expanded comic book but one that tells a complete story rather than a classic comic book in which the story does not have a traditional ending and may be told for years.
Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns and V for Vendetta are all considered milestone GNs.
by Tommyt March 11, 2009
Grammar Nazi
- Your pretty awesome.
- YOU'RE!!!! YOU'RE!!!!
- Ok ok damn GN
by somenamelessdude May 05, 2012
Gay nigga, a person who is bieng really lame or idiotic. someone who has done something homo or lesbo. not necessarily a black person but an ignorant person.
Wow, that joke was so retarded, you a G.N.(gay nigga)
by hihomie456 March 02, 2010
G.N.S - Gossip News and Scandal. Invented by a bored Civil servant Bill 'The Knowledge' Chapman working for an Incompetent Quango. GNS is spread around the organisation in an attempt to make a Miserably Stagnant job a little more bearable.

Here comes Bill with another jucy piece of GNS. I wonder whos been shagging in the stock room this week.
by Steve November 07, 2003
Grammar Nazi
Someone who believes it's their duty to attempt to correct any grammar and/or spelling mistakes they observe. Usually found hanging around Irc chatrooms hounding "n00bs".
Well at least you can spell dyslexic correctly.
by CoQui June 07, 2012

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