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1. The president bush of the philippines
2. Worst president ever
3. betrayed a friend to take his place
4. snake in the grass
5. scammer
6. plastic
7. good for nothing
8. intent was to scam its fellowmen
1. gma denied the casino in pampanga. that is because they wouldn't give her a share.

2. someone died in our barangay last night, because that person knows about the hidden agenda of the president.
by jose rizal February 29, 2008
1. A person who is very corrupt and greedy, bucktooth and usually 5'0" below in height. also the voice is very irritating. watch out for these guys.
e.g. Why do you want to befriend a gma? it could only lead you to trouble. if you want to stay healthy, choose your friends. don't choose gma's!
by jose rizal February 28, 2008
A nickname or shortening for Grandma.

Can be written out or said.
text: "wat upz"

reply: "just chillin wit my gma eating her homemade chicken soup"
by hoodi_ninja October 10, 2009
1. GMA is an abbreviation for grandma. I love her, and she's great!

2. Acronym for 'Good Morning America.' An early-morning news/media show in the states.
I <3 GMA!

GMA is the greatest!
by digi September 02, 2006
a shorter or slang version of grandmother or grandma
when is g-ma comming today
by shippo December 08, 2004
short for grand-ma, originally evolved through text messaging to make it shorter
by doodles September 21, 2003
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