To be used as another word for Drama , Bullshit, Haters
I don't want any more Gluten in my life.

Have a Gluten Free day!!!

You have to get rid of the all the Gluten and life will be better.
by GINA FROM VA October 07, 2012
Top Definition
A protein that is found in cereal grains such as wheat, rye, barley, spelt, and kamut, but NOT in rice, quinoa, corn, buckwheat, or millet. It is a more common allergen than most people are aware of. The condition in which the body creates an immune response to products containing gluten is called Celiac disease.
My little bro is shitting blood because of that bowl of pasta you made him. I told you he's gluten sensitive, you douchebag!
by WILLERxKILLER July 08, 2006
Something that an attention seeker is allergic to.
Woody: I'm not sure what gluten is? Is it in bread?
Taylor: Don't worry, no one is actually allergic to it.
by EndingDestiny March 29, 2015
This little guy is found in wheat, rye, and barley. People with celiac cannot consume it because their intestine for some sickening reason things gluten is evil and rejects it. This is a sad thing, because a gluten-free diet in America is a very, very depressing thing.

While your friends eat oreos, cake, and other hallmarks of the wondrous American diet, you must crunch dry rice cakes and order salads without croutons or most dresses.

Gluten is basically evil. It punches the villi of a celiac's gut and it's not nice. Gluten is evil.
I ate gluten from that yummy oreo and now I am puking.
by Suffering Celiac December 02, 2008
wheat, rye, barley.

common allergen.
"I am allergic to gluten."
by Laurie *is hot* April 09, 2005
The most awesome substance known to man. It is the extract of mexican diarrhea, which is made by shitting through a tennis racket. If you chemically break down the diarrhea, you will get two subtances, gluten and bubers.
"Dude, what the hell is wrong with your soyjoy bar?"
"Oh, its gluten-free."
"It looks like a bar of solidified diarrhea."
by TheBoz486 October 30, 2008
what celiacs can't have.

contrary to the previous definition, i promise you as a celiac that gluten IS in buckwheat and quinoa.
I accidentally ate gluten and now I'm gonna be sick for a couple of days because I have this stupid Celiac Disease ...
by Ashley the Celiac November 14, 2006

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