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a mixture of ginger, blonde and brown in a human beings hair, they will usually get bullied and called ginger as it may be the dominant colour. mainly in girls
freak 1: "omg you're so strawberry blonde"
freak 2: "no man, i'm glown"
freak 1: "woah, glownnn (Y), me likey"
by barbiegurl23420 March 21, 2008
To receive a blumpkin, from a crack-whore while flying two jet-packs. To recieve oral sex, while shitting in the the air, from a crack-head.
Sandy gives good blumpkins, but can she glown me at 1000 feet?
by benrubix2 April 04, 2009
The grin usually displayed by a clown.
My mother glowned at me
by Blackhawk217 May 27, 2014