When a man inserts his penis for intercourse, but pulls out after two to five seconds and leaves.

In some germanic countries, successful completion of a G Love yields the man a reward such as ice cream or candy.
I pulled a "G Love" on this girl last night. Just left her hanging.
Putting a glove in a person's asshole then blowing up the glove until it pops then clearing it out with an Alaskan Geyser.
Wanna make Glove?
by Walrus skinner February 19, 2011
as in a g-lover... one who hits the g-spot
Damn that g-love made me scream last night!
by guts and hearts March 01, 2005
as in G-Lover.... one who hits the g-spot
I got me some g-love last night that made me scream!
by guts and hearts February 27, 2005
good + love = g-love
gangsta + love = g-love
i G-LOVE you. means i Good Love you because something people dont fucking mean it when they say thos three fuckign words "i love you".

Gangsta Love is used for a gangsta because i dont fucking know. When you is a gangsta you want to be gangsta all the time so "i G-L0VE you" is the best way to say it to someone you love without being all nice & soft.
by yo mama March 01, 2005
A verb, meaning to conceal a beer can (or similar sized container of alcoholic beverage inside of a glove, so that it may be consumed discreetly (relatively speaking) in a public environment.

Though similar acts were most likely present wherever the underaged had easy access to beer, the first cited example of "gloving" a beer occured when Christopher L. Dunn, of Williamstown, MA, slipped a Bud Light into Jahan Bruce's left Isotoner at the Thompson Rink, during a Mt. Greylock v. Pittsfield High hockey game in the winter of 2000.
"Hey, what's up with that kid back there? He looks like he's drinking out of a mitten."

"Yeah, that's just Dunn. He's glovin' it tonight."
by Cosmo June 22, 2004
A condom. Object to keep ur penis protected, but sometimes one of those sperms can get through and you will get ur bitch pregnant. Also the object that O.J Simpson used to kill his girlfriend and some other guy but was somehow innocent. Also object to protect your hand(s) or keep them warm.
No glove...no love. You look like a broke ass O.J Simpson tryin to kill people with a pair of leather gloves.
by Pavelski8 December 20, 2006
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