obsessive stroking of the penis with the hand, until climax
"she gave me glove so hard i got a rash" , "i was lookin for some dome, all i got was glove." , "i pushed that bitch down, looking for some dome, all i got was glove."
by TYLER WITT August 08, 2007
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a condom
No love without the glove.
by Hoobaju October 08, 2003
A singer/songwriter who has created such awesome hits like Milk and Cereal and My Baby's Got Sauce. Awesome music, check it out.
G love and special sauce
by beattie April 14, 2005
verb: to ignore, to feign ignorance of, especially to default on a response to a greeting
I was walking down the street when I saw Jeff, so I was like "Hey Jeff" but he gloved me and just kept on walking.
by BG2 August 29, 2006
1. a condom.
2. a garment that you put on your hands.
1. "No glove, no love."
2. "Put your gloves on; it's cold outside!"
by damusicmaker March 18, 2010
(A.K.A Garrett Dutton) Legendarily Epic Hip Hop Blues Singer From Philadelphia, Frontman Of The Band G Love And Special Sauce. Has Written Many Epic Songs Such As Booty Call, Superhero Brother And Baby Got Sauce, Currently On Jack Johnson's Brushfire Record Label. This guy Is AMAZING!!!
Listen To G Love !!
by Wiggle-Like-A-Worm August 07, 2008
G-Love from the band G-Love and Special Sauce. He is particularly good looking and can play the harmonica and guitar at the same time.
That song G-Love played at the Jack Johnson concert last year was amazing.
by Sassy Sarah May 25, 2005
condom, trash bag, whatever you use.
i forgot the gloves, so I jumped out on my girl.
by woowon March 02, 2009

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