(Adj., n.)

a bama who takes maximum credit for minimum obligation, dedication, support.

To take credit verbally or through corporate for being a slack ass bama

Glory Hound...With a Capital G and following with a Capital H
"Man I did this awesome project for work and the asshole Nate took all the credit and got a promotion from the boss."

"Psh, that's cause Nate's a friggen Glory Hound"


"Man why'd you Glory Hound that presentation?! You didn't do SHIT!?
by theCONSTRICTOR May 12, 2011
Top Definition
A person seeking accolades at the expense of everyone else, particularly peers
Ray is such a glory hound. He did nothing on that project, but he presented it to management as if he had done all the work.
by ChiJoker October 18, 2004
A person that will exaggerate deeds or actions, making normal or menial tasks seem exceptional or extraordinary. Typically, expressed towards laymen or someone with little or no experience in the field of the supposed heroics.
Jones wants everyone to think he is a badass because he is in the Navy, but all he does is scrub toilets. He is such a glory hound.
by kurtha11 August 20, 2010
One who seeks to bask in the light of glory by showing his technical prowress.
Alan is a gloryhound - he likes to prove how evil Microsoft really is by sending out spiffy J2EE articles.
by Jabba the PizzaHut November 12, 2002
A Woman/Man who is more than willing/eager to have sexual relations with an individual who returns from or are in a branch of the military, simply because they are in the military.
"Ohmagosh, I never really noticed Lance being that attractive in school.. but as soon as he got back from boot-camp, I just can't keep my eyes off of him!"

*That's just because he's wearing a uniform now."

"Yeah, so?"

*You're such a Glory Hound."
by Ciera August 06, 2006
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