See Gaper, definition #5.

Also (verb) to gloryhole a girl is to butt-fuck her, typically with great enthusiasum, thereby leaving her with a gloryhole (and a smile!) as above.
Last night, after a couple of drinks, I was begging Tom to gloryhole me. When we were done, my gloryhole was slobbering cum all down my legs.
by Steph M. July 02, 2007
1. (noun) a male homosexual bottom who seeks out and engages in anonymous sex

2. (verb) anonymous male homesexual intercourse
I thought David wanted to go out with those guys he met at the bar. It turns out he just wanted to glory hole, cuz he gave them 555's.
by Lancet March 30, 2005
the creator of the gloryhole was Jeffery Williams aka gloryhole. He first devised it in 1910 in the large gay community of fresno. Later on he moved to LA and spread it more until it went all across america. Gloryhole is a legend
Where the fuck is gloryhole?
He's prolly smokin that dank ass hit NIGGA?
Naw, Dog i meant a gloryhole to stick my shit in, I just got out a prison nugga, i need that release, the glory hole is the way i gets it.
Whatever dog.
by Jeffery Wiliamas III <3 <3 <3 October 06, 2006
A room or cupboard used for storing miscellaneous articles, too good to be thrown out or given away, which may be useful at some future time.
"It can stay in the glory hole till needed next Summer".
"Too good to throw that out; put it in the glory hole".
by Segilla October 09, 2006
A peephole providing a view into a locker room, changing room, or bathroom.
I wanked it to a fine bitch at my gloryhole yesterday!
by xenon June 02, 2003

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