Something that young schoolkids (mainly boys) do to bus seats. It usually begins with a small hole and pretty soon the whole bus seat is ripped. You can usually put a quote in it, but it shouldn't be inappropriate if the bus driver finds out. If ripped correctly, it could result in a Gloryholious Maximus, which is the largest gloryhole known to man. Not to be confused with Orange Julius.
"Evan! Stop ripping that bus seat! I can't afford to cover up another Gloryhole!"
by OJ Julius April 27, 2012
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A hole located in a partition in which one's penis is inserted, thus separating the participants and ensuring anonymity throughout the act of copulation or fellatio (or possibly a titty wank).

In higher class establishments, this hole will be fabricated with duck tape to prevent genital chaffing.
Mother.... is that you??????
by Zayid and Andrew December 23, 2003
A hole the has been clandestinely drilled into a stall partition in a public rest room. Used to either spy on one's neighbor in the adjacent stall, or to facilitate sexual contact through the insertion of a penis through the hole.
I got blown through a glory hole in the men's room.
by wanker joe January 18, 2003
A hole in a wall in either a public restroom or peephole, used to give oral sex to the inhabitants of said areas.

99% of the time the person on the other side of the glory hole is a man, so be wary.
Dude, the glory hole in the bathroom is manned, go get some!
by Nutsacjac June 14, 2003
A penis hole that is made between bathroom stalls or viewing booths in adult book stores. These let people engage in anonymous oral sex with others.

Thers are rules to follow for using these holes. If you are looking to have someone suck your penis, then you should stand in front of the hole and wave your erect penis around in front of it. If the other guy wants to suck it, he will stick his finger into the hole and tap the bottom of the hole a few times. That is your signal to stick your penis in the hole.

For guys looking to suck penis, they should be on their knees tapping their finger in the hole. You could also open your mouth and stick out your tongue in front of the hole as an obvious signal to the guys who don't know about the tapping.

Most guys who like sucking penises at glory holes also like the cum. So feel free to ejaculate in his mouth. If he doesn't want the sperm, then he really shouldn't be sucking penis at a glory hole. Or he should be looking for the signs that the penis he is sucking is about to ejaculate, so he can pull off it in time.
Kneeling in front of the glory hole, Chuck moaned with pleasure as he felt the erect penis he'd been sucking ejaculate, filling his mouth with hot, salty sperm.
by DaveInNY July 23, 2008
A small hole drilled into mens room dividers to provide access for sexual activity.
Man I got the best fuckin blow job last night at the gloryhole at the mall.
by onion June 15, 2003
The hole that is frequently seen in the wall at peep shows or rest areas frequented by homosexual men. It is used for giving/receiving fellatio while remaining anonymous to your partner.
Bruce kept feeding quarter after quarter into the 8mm movie projector, and kept his eye on the glory hole to see if there was any blood sausage and chin nuts smothered in man mustard available for dinner. He hated the long waits, and the expense--these machines were damn hungry, but it was better than being thrown out for cruising...again. He sometimes wished that he wasn't such a tube steak tarzan, but a queen's gotta do what a queen's gotta do. He sure hoped that the next sperm donor was a heavy equipment operator with a copious load of choad, because Bruce was trying to slim down via the liquid protein diet.
by Niemand of Chaos March 29, 2005
A small hole in the wall usually found in men's restrooms or adult book/video shops meant for one man to stick his dick in and another man (or woman) to give head. It is used for both people to stay anonymous.
I just got back from the adult video store and got a blowjob from the gloryhole in the booths.
by coyote84 December 09, 2006

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