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When you're giving it to a chick from behind at the top of a long flight of stairs (make sure there are a lot of steps). You donkey punch her in the base of the head, near the neck, this should not only knock her out, but it will cause her arms to jerk up spasmodically, grab ahold of the arms, nudge her forward a little bit, and ride her down the stairs!!
Oh man, nothing in life has ever been more exhilerating than when I gave Stephanie a glory ride. I hope she gets out of the hospital soon so we can do it again!
by Brian H September 13, 2005
6 Words related to glory ride
1) Ride on a lame\gay\weird vehicle such as: A Ponny, Scooter, Pink car

2) A position also known as "Doggy style"
1) "Hey look! Jhon sets off into Glory ride in his pink car!"

2) "Someone posted some pictures of Fabio and his boyfriend in the middle of a "Glory ride" "
by Sidorov_Vodka January 19, 2005
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