when a person goes to a porno shop and goes into a booth. There is a hole in the wall connecting to another booth, jus big enough to fit an errect penis through. They can do watever they want with the person's penis (i.e. lick, suck, fuck, etc.)
I want to go downtown to use that new glory hole.
by Craiger February 20, 2003
a hole between cubicals in a public restroom or a kinky underground sex dungeon.
robert:i give a guy some pleasure today though 1 of the glory holes in town.

tim:yea i got a blowjob from one of them

robert+tim:UH OH
by antony davies July 07, 2005
A hole the size of a fist usually, large enough for a penis, the penis is then place through the wall and the person on the other side is free to do what ever they want with the dick.

usually found in adult stores and rest rooms.
I got my dick sucked through the glory holes at the rest stop.
by APUboi January 26, 2006
n. A hole in a bathroom of a truck stop where anonymous oral sex received.
I work at a glory-hole
by Renee December 15, 2004
In some porn shops professionally drilled penis holes with painted lips, heads, butts for the purpose of anonymous sex in the form of fellatio or buggery.

Beware, the guy on the other side might be straight and have a lit cigarette!
Jimmy learned to wait for a signal from the other side of the stall wall where the glory hole was.

His horniness suddenly left him when he stuck his cock through the glory hole and a straight guy touched the head of his cock with a lit cigarette.
by Richard Black March 02, 2005
a secret portal created as a passage way for one to safely insert ones penis (in a restroom)

a definition given on the FX show It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia
frank, dee what you two have discovered today is what is most commonly referred to as a glory hole - It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
by nicnivinsixx October 13, 2009
A Glory Hole is what you call the hole at 1 of those places were you stick your dick in a hole, and you dont know who is sucking it o the other side.
§8======O==D >?
I just payed 30$ to get my dick sucked at the glory hole.
by P - Cald May 05, 2005

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