a glockenspiel can live in an oragne traffic cone for up to 3 days without food or water
The glockenspiel ran across the road.
by Zack Franceschi July 24, 2004
Top Definition
It's kind of like a xylophone, but with a much cooler name.
Hey, did you see Jonny Greenwood get busy on the glockenspiel last night? He sure did rock.
by Download-This April 11, 2004
a bong, sometimes a pipe. Pronounced as German-sounding as possible

Maestro! Pass the glockenspiel.
by Mægz October 01, 2006
A person who enjoys skiing, hiking, family activities, and manual labor. Often will possess or wear an obscene amount of L.L. Bean merchandise and/or flannel. Typically of nordic descent and outwardly liberal while still relatively disapproving of all other races. WARNING: Glockenspiels may not have cable or even televisions and males often maintain red facial hair.
Did you see all those damn glockenspiels at the Merrill boot outlet in Vermont? They told me to put out my cigarette in the parking lot!
by Allenthecat November 29, 2011
The sexual act of receiving fellatio while firing off handguns or rifles wildly into the air, preferably on the beach, at sunrise.
"Dude, I totally got a glockenspiel this morning. Now I need to go buy more ammo."
by JoeDissolvo August 28, 2011
Reference to the male sex organs as a whole (aka the males reproductive organ)
Do you shave your glockenspiel?
by 1p4life October 27, 2012
when you fuck a girl in the ass doggy style, while hooking her right nostril with your right pinky & poke her left eye with your left middle finger constantly, all while shouting "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"
damn son, I'd love to give her the glockenspiel
by toledo jones August 07, 2014
Firing off all ammunition in a firearm whilst climaxing from receiving felatio. When done properly the brass cartridges will bounce off the top of the head of the one performing the felatio in between the streams of semen rocketing down their throat.
"The only way I'm driving 150 miles for head is if that girl's gonna give me a Glock-en-spiel!"

"Honey, can you stop by the gun store on the way home? I wanna give you a Glock-en-spiel later."

"That girl totally blew me on the beach at sunrise this morning man. The best part was, It was a Total Glock-en-spiel! I emptied my magazine and my balls simultaneously!"
by JohnnyTbagz August 28, 2011
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