A rotund, moronic and irritating being who never fails to mention their affiliation to rugby and all that goes with it. Likes to display a liking for banter but in fact is a gaylord and can give it but can't take it.
Shut up, you're just a fucking globe.
by Pear Bod October 09, 2010
A skate shoe designed by Rodney Mullen. They are really good and they make a toe protector shoe you don't rip it doing flips.
Globe Mullens is a great skate shoe
by Parsalus August 02, 2006
A symbol of wealth and/or a position of high power; item of pride; purchased when living the highlife
"I hope to own a Globe when I become successful" or "They must be doing really well off because I noticed a Globe in their living room."
by BigPine August 09, 2009
GLOBE is something where the speaker speaks anything and everything under the sky without evaluating the use of what he/she is speaking
Suppose a manager says “The project is interesting, tough, challenging and blah blah” crap like that. Will the team ever understand the scope of the project except a bunch of nice adjectives?Obviously ” No”. The manager GLOBEd
by gaara_nitk March 20, 2010
A round item that is used in science and everyday life. The main purpose of a globe is to locate certian areas that may be found on the planet earth.

Globes are easier to maintain the proper shape of the earth because there is no need to disort the continents.
Globes are very handy to use
by lunar shadows December 20, 2004
When a girls ass is so phat that it looks like someone took a globe, cut it in half, and put it on her ass
Paul: Damn!, did you see becky
Mike: Yeah, girl got a globe on her ass
by noname4291 July 25, 2008
head,sucking on the cock
by Anonymous April 12, 2003

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