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a rational and objective protection measure, first proposed in these terms by the Democratic challenger,John Kerry, in the 2004 Presidential election. The test involves ensuring the safety and protection of all Americans throughout the world, including the safety of America's all volunteer army. It is designed to weigh the support of the developed international community on American actions and is only to be ignored if grossly abused, or in extreme urgency. To date, the administration of George W. Bush, once appointed and once elected to the U.S. Presidency, has ignored the implementation of the test.
Had America continued to allow United Nations officials to work, and conducted a global test of the threat Saddam Hussein posed, no American lives would have been utterly wasted in Iraq. Lives we can never get back, that ended pointlessly, all because the global test was not enacted.
by R. Chase Razabdouski November 03, 2004
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1. A test given to the US, but rigged by France, Germany and Russia, because they were being bribed by Iraq with money from the the Food for Oil Scandal. 1. Requirement that the US put the UN in charge of it's safety and it's troops 2. Term used by the a looser. 3. Proof that the majority of those who vote in a blue state have no nutz.
I didn't pass the global test so me and England, Australia, Poland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Japan and some other roughnecks went out and fucked up Hussein. Spain and Belgium pussied out in the middle of it. They still cool though.
by Evull-E November 04, 2004
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