A serious and fun action with a serious message behind it.
Glittering - When one "tosses GLITTER" or "applies GLITTER to" the body or pretty much ANYTHING in the form of free speach in a non-threating way.
by ChuckE77 June 23, 2011
Top Definition
the act of placeing glitter in between ones ass cheeks and farting over an unsuspecting person
dude remember that pary last nigt?
yeah bro i got to do some glittering on those punks who fell asleep first
by tatatatatatanner January 09, 2011
When something appears to sparkle like it has glitter on it.
My skin is glittering.
by A'Rynn July 23, 2008
Using a coupon on something it's not intended for. Also known in the coupon world as balanced couponing; FRAUD.
M bitches and I went glittering today! We bought 24 packs of crayons with our shampoo coupons!
by ThatsNotHowThisWorks May 15, 2016
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