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Term describing a womans vagina as having an irresistible attractiveness. After having intercourse with a woman that has a "glitter pussy," they are almost put under a spell by her beauty and become obsessed with her. The text/call her nonstop until they get to see her again.
"That girl that I slept with last night had that glitter!"
by Stephknee July 31, 2008
Glitter - Glitter is a hip hop dance move. It is when you circle your fore arms above your head and feel your sides, hips and leg all the way down to the floor while moving your body to the music.
watch the dance moves on the movie "Glitter"
by Brooke g May 17, 2006
1) Sparkles.
2) A movie directed, written, and produced by the Morningstar.
3) 30% of Davey Havok's body weight
"I killed a bunny.

by assfaced00d May 15, 2005