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This is when two individuals meet and maintain a friendship in the usual like manner. However, happening in a crowded social gathering, there comes a time when one of the two purposely meets the other with an openly flamboyant display of Gay dress and likewise ambiguous personal mannerisms. This planned act is demonstrative of the growing confidence in the world's Gay society to "put one on us" where the non-Gay feel the hurt!

To "Glitter" is the Gay sub-culture's attempt to market homosexuality in America. A new phenomena in global communication helps to accomplish just that... See 'Glittered and Twittered' in the Urban Dictionary.
Said one Gay to another, "I've been stringing along five of them for weeks now, tonight I'm going to glitter every one of their faces in one fell swoop!"
by gravy111 November 18, 2010
euphemism for cocaine, or yayo.
Also used for Crystal Meth, but most recently Ive heard "glitter" to refer to Cocaine.

Also used to refer to Cocaine that has been cut/split with crack cocaine, which sometimes gives it a shiny look, like glitter.
Imma buy some glitter tonite, and make some art!
by GlitterGirl4EVA December 21, 2010
None: The Herpes of the craft world. Exists only to spread itself all over everything in your home.
Glitter herpes spreads wildly and there is no cure. Barbies love glitter incurable. Craft item available at any toy, bargain, craft shop, grocery store, quick stop terminal.
by MOM who drinks and swears November 23, 2010
A synonym for sperm. Can be used for either male or female climaxes. Most notably used in this context by the B-52's in their smash hit Love Shack.
"Glitter on the highway, glitter on the front porch, glitter on the mattress."
I was having sex with my girl last night and when I came I got glitter all over the mattress.
by jeepsteroflove December 20, 2011
glee+twitter/tweeting=glitter. Originally created by Chris Colfer on a tweet.
Mom: Honey, please get off twitter and do your chores!
daughter: Hold on, i'm glittering!
by gleekgirl97 September 25, 2010
The term used for group of gay men, in the same way 'pride' is used to describe a group of lions.
There was a glitter of gay men walking towards me on the sidewalk, I had to step aside to not get run over.
by Stephen McCann May 24, 2008
Extremely hot sex. Both males and females can use this term. Can be used as a noun or a verb.
Let's get glittered and slizzard.

Last night I was totally glittered.

What's up on getting some glitter tonight?
by mystical777girl November 18, 2010