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Glitchin'-ass niggaz are similar to the controversial "Snitchin-ass nigga" but they glitch out hard in video games instead of snitch on their homies.

When playing halo 3 big team slayer online (and various other first peron shooter team death match games) someone- usually a fag- is seen moving irradically, appearing and then disappering and just plain glitching all over the place giving him (or her if she is a lesbian) and unfair advantage over the other players (even Koreans).

Bill (to Steve): you just got dip swerved on kid. I'm working you over.

Steve: dude your using some kind of faggy glitch mod to serbian jew double bluff me you Glitchin'-ass nigga.

Bill: I pull up glitchin' on niggaz, I don't be tryin to be hatin (Glitchin-ass nigga version of "Riding Rims" by Dem Franchize Boys).
by shiteater9000 April 14, 2010

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