A small, shining spot of pre-cum, glistening on a female lover's lips - like a bit of stray lip gloss.
As she pulled her mouth away from my pre-ejaculate member, I noticed a small dab of gliss on her already moistened lips
#lips #pre-cum #gloss #glisten #lipgloss
by Loo Sniffer August 03, 2008
Top Definition
Short for glissando, to "slide" from one note to another covering all the notes in between. Can be used as a noun (the run of notes produced by sliding from one note to another) or verb (to perform the action of sliding from one note to another).
It's easy to gliss when you're playing lap steel guitar.
#music #glissando #run #chromatic #slide
by Go4baroque1969 October 24, 2006
a term referring to expensive jewelry/ice
"Got you lookin at the gliss at my hands and wrists"
--Twista "Slow Jams"
by ELiz Lea September 02, 2005
the gratest saftey word that was ever made. A substitute for almost any swear.
Oh, gliss off! You gliss-face. Shut the Gliss up
#swears #saftey-words #f-word #s-word #awesome
by Mario-mix March 03, 2008
I love that gliss on your hands! Where you get it?
#gliss #jewlry #diamonds #pearls #necklace
by Bitch Hoe Slutty Cunt_ May 03, 2009
The state of mind when you wake up to a joint and a blow job that results in a glistening penis and a blissful state of mind.
Q. How are you this morning.

A. I am in a state of gliss.
#joint #state-of-mind #blow job #penis #bliss
by longrider October 14, 2012
A multi-purpose safety swear.
Don't be such a gliss-face. Go gliss off.
#saftey word #darn #shoot #flip #dang #glis
by Mario-mix March 04, 2008
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