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Only word known to mankind that has as much power as five hundred nuclear bombs. The mere utterance of this phrase will cause the earth to suddenly shatter, thereby destroying all life and hope of survival.
Blah 1: "Well, at least there aren't any words they can say to make the world blow up."

Cannon Blah: "..........................................Gleeg snag zip!"

*Earth shatters*

Blah 1: "Eh, I stand thoroughly corrected."
by NeonZERO January 09, 2005
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In the demented cartoon movie, a phrase that can blow up the world. Similar to Zeeky Boogy Doog, which only causes a nuclear explosion.
At least there's not a word to blow up the world
iGleeg snag zip!/i
I stand thoroughly corrected.
by Rick December 25, 2004
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The term that, when said only once, the whole planet explodes.
Guy in chair: At least there isn't a term that causes the world to blow-up.
Character: Gleeg Snag Zip.
Guy in chair: I stand thoroughly corrected.
by Zeeky H. Bomb March 17, 2005
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