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A disease in the eye where the vessels in the back become gradually constricted prohibiting fluid to exit the eye easily.

Over time, this gradual build-up of fluid begins to cause damage to the nerves in the eye, which is irreversible.

The first signs of glaucoma are frequent headaches which become worse and more common as time goes on without treatment.

A common misconception is that the ONLY cure for Glaucoma is marijuana. Yes, that is an option, for weak hearted druggies. The COMMON way to treat glaucoma is by a series of eye drops which go into the effected eye once, or twice, a day.

Common Eye Drops to Treat Glaucoma are as followed:


Note; Glaucoma currently has no cure, it can only be controlled.
Idiot Druggie ~ oh snap!1!111 u hav glaucoma?? U muss be lucki... u get all da drugs u w@nt!!11!!!1

Glaucoma Struck Lad - You idiot, don't you realize that that is simply one method in controlling glaucoma; the moronic way. Why don't you get your mind out of your drug induced world and expand your horizons. For you see, MOST people combat glaucoma with special eye drops.
by TsuNaru May 06, 2007
23 44
1. An eye disease that causes blindness and can be treated with weed.

2. A good excuse.
No, Officer, its for my Glaucoma, honest!
by enjoyin my prescription October 14, 2003
81 20
A sexual term used when a man cums in a woman's eye. The term is used because it describes giving someone hazy vision.
The woman couldn't see after the man came in eye because her vision was similar to having glaucoma.
by D.Roberts April 01, 2006
16 40
1. Disease in which your god damn hair turns in to your skin, and your skin turns into hair.

2. Big disease

3. One who has a skinny dick and hairy balls now has a hairy dick and skinny balls!
"I have a hairy dick and skinny balls!"

"You have a hairy dick and skinny balls!"


Timmy had glaucoma SO BAD that he had to blow dry his whole self except for his skinny parts!

Give him a break, he has glaucoma and everyone hates him.

Hey, did you get a hair cut?
by Grayson Flory March 05, 2005
12 61