Kaila this is from Joe will you be my valentine, and my giz-irl, Yeah....
Will you go out with me.
Will you Yes or no, Call me when you read this.
by Joe February 12, 2005
When one puts seran wrap on anothers face, poking holes for respiration, and taking a dump on the others face with the seran wrap still on there face. The seran wrap acting as a "Glass Bottom".
Jack performed a glass bottom boat on jon after jon fell asleep.
#glass #bottom #boat #poop #seran #wrap
by Nick We June 19, 2007
To place plastic wrap on someone's face and then proceed to defocate on it.
I gave her a glass bottom boat ride.
#shit #poo #poop #crap #seran wrap #plastic wrap #cleaveland steamer #chicago hot plate
by The kush September 07, 2008
the REAL definition:
when you put saran wrap on your chest and someone takes a shit on it and you flip the saran wrap into your face

people have ACTUALLY done this... and i have no idea how fecal matter is sexually stimulating but whatever floats your boat i guess... i made a funny.
dude 1: yea cassy gave me a glass bottom boat..
dude 2: you sick fuck.
#glass-bottom boat #glass bottom boat #glass #bottom #boat
by bitchshitcuntfuck August 07, 2008
place cling wrap over someones faces and shit on it
she asked me for a glass bottom boat.. so i put cling wrap on her face and showed her what being in a boat would feel like.. a boat that was being shit on!!
#glass #glass bottom #boat #gettin shit on #shit #sex
by westsider.rider November 23, 2008
when you put plastic rap over your face and have someone shit all over your plastic covered head.
I sure could go for a good glass bottom boat right about now.
by Ross and Chiu May 10, 2005
A boat with a glass bottom. This allows its passengers to view the water beneath them from the safety of the boat.
Joe: I want to go scuba diving but im afraid of sharks.

Steve: Just take a ride on a glass bottom boat, you can see the ocean and theres no danger of sharks.
#glass #bottom #boat #sharks #water
by tinki94 August 07, 2009
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