The act of being gay and lame at the same moment in time.
Hey Frank, quit making out with that guy and acting really lame. Gosh Frank, you are really glame.
by B27 April 01, 2007
very weak and lame attempts at passing off real game.
Dude Reed has been spittin' glame at those stippers all night I hope he saves a few dollars cause he aint going home with them, his poor ass is riding the bus.
by Hankerz March 15, 2008
Glame is a fusion of glamour and fame. Only the most prestigious and elite can be described as 'having glame' or 'being glamey'.
Many people believe it as being the highest description of a celebrity.
Woah, Lady Gaga is SO glamey!
by WobbyThree January 06, 2011
Glame. used to describe something which is at the same time both lame and gay.

occured on a drunken night when john she and jack McCullagh where describing something which was both lame and gay and the word Glame was formed

"What Happened"

"I Got fucked over at work"

"aww nahhh son, that's Glame"
by ZENKILLER March 17, 2005

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