a game that is lame.
" i'm so bored lets play scrabble"

" Jordan, thats glame. "
by fraankkkiiee January 05, 2010
Top Definition
an event which is not only worthy of mockery for being ghay, but also sounds like no fun to go to, making it lame. thus gay and lame at the same time. glame.
no, that sounds glame
by jack bender July 14, 2006
Derogatory. Gay + lame.
Man that movie sucked. It was really glame.
by Robyn Banks August 28, 2005
Something that is both gay and lame at the same time.
I saw that new movie and it was so glame.
by jumpin_bumps November 26, 2009
A word used to cover use of word "gay" in mixed company. No one can be offended because you said lame rather than gay.
For instance, "Man, that shirt is so ga...glame."
by The Carester September 13, 2005
Somebody or something that is both gay and lame, therefore making it glame.
Ollie Murs is glame.

That new pink T-shirt you just bought with the picture of a unicorn covered in flowers is glame.

Anybody who gives Mantracker absolute ten is glame
by HouseOfBantiatus May 10, 2012
Combination of the words gay and lame; Used in a situation when you don't know if a friend is being gay or lame or both.
Joe: I sat up all night to watch "Nine" nine times.
John: The cartoon or the musical?
Joe: Duh, the musical. Daniel Day-Lewis is my god.
John: GLAME!
by kmshoremount January 07, 2011
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