Gay Loser Asian Girl
Dennis: "Joy,stop being such a Glag!"
by AshSucks January 07, 2012
Top Definition
origninates from the popular english initialism 'WAGS' which means 'Wives and girlfriends' These are the ho's who are seen on the arms of famous sportsmen. Similiary, 'glags' is a blend of 'glamorous' and 'slags' and is used to descirbe the women accompanying popular rap stars. One simply has to watch MTV for a few minutes to see evidence of very attractive women, dressed in only the best attire, but acting very unrespectable indeed.
person one : 'wow, i just watched an Usher video. there was this totally hot babe in there, dressed in seemingly thousands of dollars worth of bling and looking truly stunning. However, she was spreading her legs and acting like nothing more than a common prostitute. What MUST her father think?'

person two : 'im hearing you man, shes just another one of the glags that rap guys need to enhance their fucktard egos'

by the man with the golden bun April 23, 2008
Group of Loud Annoying Girls
Only Matt is so horny and has so little self respect that hang out with that GLAG to try to put is dick in any of them.

I shouldn't have offered them shots, not this GLAG won't leave my room.
by pevm June 29, 2009
The time lapse between someone asking a question and someone responding having Googled the answer.
Person A: Does anyone know the height of mount Everest?

Person B: Hang on, just having a G-Lag . . .

. . . yes, it's 8848m or 29029 ft.
by Green Living Tim September 29, 2011
Internet acronym for "giggling like a girl". Synonomous with LOL, ROFL, and other similar acronyms.
Person 1: You're a stupid fish vagina!
Persong 2: GLAG!
by Alexis Lover July 13, 2005
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