Granade Launcher

The most annoying thing in Call of Duty 4:Modern Warfare that is used mostly by noobs to gain easy kills without any skill.
GL Hater: omfgzor, n00b GL, learn how to playah
GL User: stfu
by skillznular February 14, 2008
Meaning Get Legit
whack fool talkin shit you reply with GL mother fucker
by acidburn7827 February 20, 2009
n. Short for Girl Love or Girl Lover, refers to an adult male or female pedophile (not to be confused with rapist, sexual predator or child molestor) that is emotionally and sexually attracted to, and has the ability to form passionate, loving relationships with pre-pubescent girls. Although relatiponships are unlikely to happen because of society's harsh view on pedophilia and the social bias that says all pedophiles are ruthless rapists who could care less about a child's safety or welfare. Rarely do these pedophiles have sex with a child because they actually care for the child's well being and are aware of the law and persecution that would likely follow if such an act were to take place. This can cause seclusion which can lead to disorders, social phobias, and 12chan use. While others manage to cope with it and live normal lives.
Pedo #1: Why the fuck is there a NAMBLA and not a NAMGLA?
Pedo #2: I don't know man, good question.
Average MSNBC watching citizen #1: GTFO you sick child rapists, you'll all be v& before you can say "Gary Glitter".
Average MSNBC watching citizen #2: Yeah, you're all going to get Hansen'd.
Soccer Mom #1: I am reporting your IPs to local authorities and Perverted Justice.
Pedo #1: lol, i'm using tor, you fat cunt.
by norml6 January 02, 2008
1. Good luck.
2. Girllove or Girl Love, the attraction to little girls
3. Girllover or Girl Lover, a female attracted pedophile
1. Yeah, GL with that.
2. GL is beautiful.
3. GL are often understood to be child molesters or dirty old men on a park bench / eyeing little girls with bad intent, but this is a flawed interpretation since pedophilia is also held among the young and an individual is not made by what gets them off. Any questions?
by ominouslol January 16, 2006
abbreviation for "good lord"
synonymous with gd(god damn)
gl! wth u learn howda do that!?!?
by emuluver July 20, 2008
1. an abbreviation for "geez louise"
2. the new "omg"
"GL, you are such a silly-goose!"
by boom de ya da September 11, 2007
Grenade Launcher

this is originated from the game FarCry. If you use the GL your a n00b.
OMFG leave you GL n00b!!
by Achilles April 07, 2005

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