The act of Going Limp during sexual intercourse.
I'm drunk enough to bring that dragon home from the bar but I'd just GL so I wont wast my time.
by oncrack87 May 12, 2011
Short term for Gangsta Losah
It's 90 degrees, look at that guy wearing a black hoody! He is such a GL.
by WRBobCat August 20, 2011
good look or good lookin
LoLo- u droppd ur pen son
Dre- awwww shiit. thanxz slim gl
by Wilt Chamberlain Chain Swangin March 08, 2009
short for grenade launcher
Shoot that GL through that window!
by SD Dynasty July 07, 2011
Grenade Launcher
I engaged the entrenched hostiles with my grenade launcher (gl)
by eggzs December 06, 2008
The Homosexual of the year.

A wannabe smart guy.

A synonym for the epitomy of sadness.

Put simply, GAY.

Oh look at that guy over there, what a GL!

by !ajniN! July 10, 2008
Good luck, used in many games at player killing
* The fight has just started *
Player1: Gl
by Ranqer April 04, 2008

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