General term for exposed pussy lips and/or exposed pink
That slut dancing just bent over far enough for me to see her gizzard...
by BahamaBoy June 08, 2005
Top Definition
the insides of a blunt, all the tobacco is then replaced with weed
Marshall: Yo roll the blunt!
Ace: Lemme take out the gizzards first, nigga
by AceofSpades705 December 23, 2008
The big swinging flaps of your mates mothers vagina.
Here mate I've got something to get off my chest....your mams gizzard stains

Your mams gizzards are like massive pork pendulums slapping against each other in the wind
by Wilko!!!!! September 14, 2009
when someone has a very fat neck and it looks as if they have 2 chins
Lift your chin, child! That is a gigantuos gizzard!
by Jorge February 16, 2005
A clever coverup word that can be used to describe any part of the human anatomy. Especially useful if there are churchies nearby who may be offended if you say "Dick, pussy, ass, titties, or ballsack."
"If you don't quit pestering me, I'm gonna kick you in the gizzard!"

"I worked them gizzards over big time in the sack last night!"

"My gizzard hurts, I better go see Dr. Kevorkian."

"She had some fine looking gizzards before she made a mess of the bottom."
by Scott Smith 1970 August 09, 2005
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