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hand gun
I'll take out my giza and blow your brains out.
by NiggaNig October 27, 2003
A word used similarly to that of homes, thug or bro in conversation. Derived from Geezer or Geeza, but not having to refer to someone who is old or has a physical problem.
"Yo, what up giza?", "How you doin' giza?"
by ShampooMasta April 02, 2006
Giza is a slang term for give / give us! used by rough northern women who come from the orford area of warrington.
Arrr giza shout when ya goin on break!
by G Raff March 03, 2006
To fuck something up.
Man I really Giza-ed that parking job.
by JJwhite October 29, 2006