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when a guy needs to shit bad and has poop contractions that are less than 2 minutes apart from each other
i need to go home and give birth
by dexter delay February 04, 2003
To defecate a volume that one is not accustomed to; the act of voiding feces in masses comparable to a newborn child.
After being constipated for three days, Wesley's trip to the lavatory felt like giving birth.
by Pirut Jaque May 17, 2005
1. When your sitting on the toilet for a long time with a turd so painful, and you're pushing It so hard. You'd think that it would be a tame version of childbirth.
Guy 1: "Dude, you've been on the toilet for an hour. What gives?

Guy 2: "Um...you might not want to go into the bathroom for a hour or two."

Guy 1: "Why?"

Guy 2: "Cause I was giving birth to a fucking Turd-Monster."
by Black Samurai286 June 18, 2014