To stop trying to do something because you aren't getting what you want for your efforts
I wanted to get back with my ex but now I'm 'bout to give up the ghost.
by OneHotTamale25 September 25, 2011
Top Definition
Verb: to die in a submissive, peaceful fashion; or to die quickly, with finality, often brutally.
The freight-train barreling towards him, his foot still stuck, no time, he decided to give up the ghost.
by xmadmardiganx November 29, 2005
to die, but can be used in reference to inanimate objects, ie, to stop working. In the case of subject matter, it means to reveal a secret, punchline, or conclusion.
Micah's birthday party is to be a surprise, but Brian might give up the ghost.
by Brian McManus June 07, 2006
To die, break, stall, or malfunction.
I was late to work today because my car decided to give up the ghost.
by Jeff WebDog November 14, 2009
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