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noun, c.f. modern English 'girl + time'

1. time intended just for the girls, inclusive of sappy films, makeovers, and large amounts of Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Men are generally unwelcome during girltime, although exceptions may be made for homosexual males of the femme variety.

2. a cataclysmic monthly event roughly tied to the lunar cycle which drives otherwise sane biological females into fits of unpredictable rage, weeping, and self-loathing.
1. Girl #1 to Girl #2: 'It's girltime tonight, so you gotta come over. My boy's out, and I've got The Notebook, avocado facial masque, and a tub of Chunky Monkey! You can bring your pet fag if he lets me paint his nails.'

2. Once a month, my faghag's girltime turns a week of my life into a maelstrom of male guilt, hurried attempts at appeasement, and ego stroking.
by Smef August 27, 2007
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a special time in life for women when they rant about their shitty lives and sexy celebritys that they will clearly never have sex with, unless the subject is drunk and on meth.
Judy - OMFG, my life is teh shitness.
Miriam- This is totally girl time material.
by spartaaaaaaaa July 06, 2009
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