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Sexual acts between two young ladies. They may or may not be in a relationship, and they may or may not even be lesbian or bisexual or even into girls. It doesn't matter. The hottest kind of sex is girlsex.
"Michi...I had girlsex last night!"
by lizzi May 18, 2005
The term used for an act of hetrosexual males replicating the intimate and affectionate nature of females (usually incited by estrogenically driven excitement and joy) with one another, including but not limited to: hugging, rear grabbing, compulsive giggling, breast fondling etc. Most oftenly used by males as a source of humor and slight means to bond. The inverse of this is boy sex to females.
TJ: Dude I haven't at the beach in so long!
Ricky: I'm so stoked! (Splashes TJ and Hawk)
Hawk: If we were girls, we'd be having sex with one another!
Ricky: ...girl sex.

(Hawk and Ricky proceed to splash each other and TJ and giggle like women)
#girl #sex #yay #female #nice
by Rocknight September 21, 2011
A sexual act performed by a man and woman where 1) the man performs cunnilingus on the woman, 2) the woman performs fellatio on the man, and finally 3) the man inhales marijuana smoke and exhales it into the woman's vaginal cavity.
I couldn't find a condom, so I grabbed my stash of dank-ass, cash-ass dro and we had girlsex.
#girl sex #dro #marijuana #drug sex #weed sex #dank-ass vag
by Modern Moses December 10, 2008
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