when a bunch of girls go out to a retaurant, movie, or something else just for them and no one else.
We had a Girls' night out on Saturday night.
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
Hangin out with your girlfriends. Usually to go out shopping or dancing.
Honey time to go for our Girls night out! Go call up the girls!
by Amy November 26, 2003
A shopping spree of useless exploiting close that often ends in getting killed by Jason.
Ahhhhhhhhhh Jason!!
by Mike Butler August 31, 2003
its time for girls niht out
by Mer August 21, 2003
When all the girls in a group of friends go out, leaving the guy friends and boyfriends behind for a night of fun. -flirting with hott waiters to get free food is a must!
Last night we racked up $40 worth of free food at Casa Ole at girls' night out.
by MaRanda August 20, 2003

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