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A gathering of sorts whereby girls will head out for a 'big night on the town' absent of of any testosterone fueled men. Seemingly a time for females to let their inner 'guuurl' out and go wild among other equally lonely individuals, it serves actually as a disguise for the fact that none of the participants are capable of picking up guys.
Girl 1: "Feeling a bit down in the dumps, Beautiful (I can't get any)"

Girl 2: "Me too (I also can't get any), we should have a Girls Night Out and go crazy, woooo!"

Girl 1: "Oh my god yes! We should go out and let loose (wallow in self pity), just us girlies!!! MENTALL IDEA!!!"

Girl 2: "Amazing! We should call Casandra too, she just got dumped by her boyfriend who told her he only went out with her because he lost a bet. This will TOTALLY cheer her up!"

Girl 1: "Oh totally!"
by To Be Frank March 08, 2012
It is when you and all your "girl friends" go out. NO guys!
Go see a chic flick, go out to eat ice cream, spend the night with each other, ect.
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
A night free from the literal and symbolic confines of significant other. Girl's Night Out had the same rules as Las Vegas; what happens on Girl's Night Out stays in Girl's Night Out. Men you sleep with on Girl's Night Out do not count towards your sexual partner count, getting smashingly drunk and showing your tits does not make you a slut on Girl's Night Out either, it makes you "fun". A Bachelorette Party is an example of GNO. Proper Attire: Sluttiest thing you can legally buy
"Honey, me and Trixie and Lou Lou are going out for Girl's Night Out while you watch the play offs. I love you..."
by Cupcake McLovin August 26, 2008
when a group of girls go out to a restrarant for drinking and leave their boyfriends/husbands behind, usually ending in 1 of 4 ways:
1: Girl passes out in a pool of their own vomit
2: A boyfriend/husband shows up and sees them
3: Girl cheats on boyfriend--Boy doesnt notice.
4: Girl cheats on boyfriend--Boy sees/figures out... and commits suicide.
1: *Throws up/passes out* Girl: "Lets go"
2: *Boy shows up* Girlfriend of boy: "Ahhh run dont let him see me!!"
3: *XXX* Girl: "Your much better than <Insert boy name here>!!"
4: *Boy finds out about XXX* Boy: "No... it cant be... *Kills self*
its time for girls night out
by Mer August 21, 2003
A night where girls go out and bash their boyfriends.
Its girls night out tonight, want to come over and make a mess of the house?
by Bayne August 20, 2003
A night out to a male strip club, commonly taken by "girls"
by Booty Master 7 August 21, 2003