When a gaggle of females get togther. This may include drinking, talking gossip, shopping, drinkin and trying to pick up as many guys numbers as possible (even though they never have any intention in calling you, more drinking, dancing, flirting, and holding your best friends hair while they puke.
This friday is girls night out, no MEN!!
by bizz-nitch September 22, 2003
When a group of girls go out without men, with the intention of being really bawdy.
Me and the crew went on a girl's night out.
by Saucy August 17, 2003
The act in which a group of female friends, small or large, go out to a club/bar without their significant others present. The night usually begins with dinner out at a restaurant or pre-party drinks at one of the participant's residences. Much like a bachelorette party, minus the wedding.
We had a girls' night out last night and went to see the male strippers.
by redzebra13 May 26, 2006
An occasional ritual for girls to go out to clubs and engage in wild and often lesbianic acts.
by W.E.B Dubois August 21, 2003
cocksucking party. going out with friends to get laid without telling husband/boyfriend
guy: hey honey, whatd you do last night?
girl: oh, my friends and i just had a girls night out
by JaySee February 23, 2004
A night where girls get together to talk about their boyfriends cheating on them.
by Woe Betide August 22, 2003
A gathering of sorts whereby girls will head out for a 'big night on the town' absent of of any testosterone fueled men. Seemingly a time for females to let their inner 'guuurl' out and go wild among other equally lonely individuals, it serves actually as a disguise for the fact that none of the participants are capable of picking up guys.
Girl 1: "Feeling a bit down in the dumps, Beautiful (I can't get any)"

Girl 2: "Me too (I also can't get any), we should have a Girls Night Out and go crazy, woooo!"

Girl 1: "Oh my god yes! We should go out and let loose (wallow in self pity), just us girlies!!! MENTALL IDEA!!!"

Girl 2: "Amazing! We should call Casandra too, she just got dumped by her boyfriend who told her he only went out with her because he lost a bet. This will TOTALLY cheer her up!"

Girl 1: "Oh totally!"
by To Be Frank March 08, 2012
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