When yo woman wants to go out wit her friends and shake her ass and look for another man's dick to suck. Basically just an excuse to ho around.
It's the girls' night out. Gonna do what ya wanna do.
by wigga August 18, 2003
When a group of women get together to complain about men, problems with men, or the lack of men.
Usually involves acting in a manner in which any man who sees them would sever all ties with said women, should that man know them.
Things were going great with Mark until Gina and her friends went on a girl's night out.
Mark saw Gina at a club and slit his wrists in the bathroom.
by Fuckballs. August 23, 2003
all girls night meaning no guys come with them
me and the girls' need a girl's night out
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
when girls go out and party without their boyfriends/husbands
Shirley and the gals went on a girls' night out to the local bar.
by cockblocka August 19, 2003
a non-sausage fest of girls that go out on the town without guys and party and flirt
by Anonymous August 17, 2003
A night when a girl goes out with only other girls, when she claims that she is "bonding" with her fellow females. What this really means is they all get dressed up as sexy as possible so they can get hit on/meet as many men as possible, because as we know girls in large groups get noticed a lot more than girls by themselves.
Baby, don't worry, it's just a girl's night out.
by Vera August 21, 2003
A night where "girls" go out with their friends. The single girls in the group complain because the married ones are being hit on by the "hot" guys. The married girls are doing things with these hot guys that would be grounds for divorce, and overall they all get too drunk to remember why they are missing their panties and/or a chunk of their hair. Good Times!
Stacy had a girls' night out 9 1/2 months ago, and now her baby has red hair.
by Arnold S May 18, 2007

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